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Gettin' To Know You!

Gettin' To Know You!

Meet Heidi Howdyschell. See how she is waving so gaily? She is a nice girl, on her way to La Fiesta Tech. She came from the Far East on a student exchange program, looking for a little exposure in the United States. Well, her real name would be too difficult for us to pronounce; so we will call her Heidi. She is a bachlorette, her likes are formal wear and brown hair, her dislikes are vampires, and she is Popularity Sim. She wants to graduate Sim State with a degree in poltical science, and wants to become a Celebrity Chef. I don't know how she can get a job as a chef with a degree in political science. Oh well, I am sure she will manage. At any rate, whilst at LFT, Heidi will be partaking in the ISBI program. She got her tuition paid by LFT for taking part. In fact, she is the only student at LFT in the program. are asking...who am I? I am just the narrator. I will keep you abreast of all the intersting little tidbits about the Howdyschells. Howdyschell(s)? You say? Absolutely. I know already, dear readers, that Heidi will never leave the Unites States for her homeland. She will fall hopelessly in love with a man. Yes. So. Let us start at the beginning. That is, Heidi's years at La Fiesta Tech.

Heidi is a very smart girl. She managed during the first semester as a freshman to influence others to do her term paper. How did she get those influence points? Why, by making friends of course. It pays to have friends in high places. Now mind you, Heidi came to the United States knowing nothing. Could not cook American food, could not fix the bathroom sink. Not a single skill point to her name. But that didn't stand in Heidi's way! No sirree! With every friend Heidi made, she gained lots of aspriation points, and was able to find ways to get her skills.

Ah yes. The SimVac. This little gadget has a legendary reputation in the Simming world. With this handy-dandy contraption that looks like a Transformer of a dinosaur, a Sim can gain massive skill points and aspiration. And our girl Heidi put it to good use. Notice her technique here; excellent! Heidi managed to corner the campus streaker and strip him of some of his skills. I hope she didn't receive his skill for fast running. I prefer to see that gentleman moving right along. Notice the lad in the white pants watching the spectacle. That is Jake Widow, one of Heidi's roommates. Being that the ISBI program is not about gaining skill points, Heidi felt free to use it. By all means.

Now, Jake and Heidi really got along nicely. They would sit together and study; eat breakfast together. We can assume that Heidi and Jake would spend the rest of their lives together. Aha....but wait a minute. ISBI rules state that Torchbearer Heidi can't fall in love with some one that has been controlled as a playble Sim in the past. *Sigh*. Oh so sad for Heidi! This is one romance that will have to be put asunder! Jake came from the town of Other Challenges. His mother is Monyette Widow, focus Sim of the Black Widow Challenge. (not blogged). Jake was her fourth or fifth born and played through as a teen by the Player until he left for LFT. What to do..what to do...

Oh yes...the "I saw you kissing another girl!" trick. BAM! Jake, yer out! That leaves our girl Heidi in a dilemma. Time to go lookin' for a guy. By now, Heidi is in her Junior year at LFT. ISBI states she needs to find a mate. That means only one thing! Nightlife! Heidi is on her way Downtown!

Heidi makes several trips Downtown, and can't seem to find even one guy who will give her one lightening bolt. How frustrating! On this particular trip, Heidi is surrounded by female vampires. Hmmm...didn't I say that vampires were a turn off for Heidi? Everytime she went downtown, Contessa Kay and company would show up, no matter where she went. Heidi was lookin' for Mr. Big, but never saw him in repeated trips to town. She would get vampires instead. Well, it was time to Scope.

The Crypto-Night-Club seemed to be a good a place as any to find a man. Let's see. The first one she spots is Goopy Gilsboro. Ehhh...I don't think so Heidi. Try again. It's not that Mr. Gilsboro is anyway, it is just that the Player knows Mr. Gilsboro doesn't have a job and is a very sloppy Sim. Heidi has zero neat points herself, so she is going to kind of need sombody who will clean the toilet and pick up after her sloppy self. Okkaaay....nope...not Amin Sims either Heidi. He has beady eyes. Try again.

Ah! This looks promising! This man's name is Remington Traver. Well, it is only a one bolt deal, but we will take what we can get. Time is gettin' short. Oh, see the blonde beside Mr. Traver? That is Rebecca Tsang. She is living in the Edgar Alen Poe house in Other Challenges. Read the "I Love You To Death" story. It makes for a good and haunting read. Okay. So Heidi sets her eye for Remington the Maid...errr no....Remington the Downtownie. Heidi heard that Downtownies have good jobs and lots of simoleons. It didn't matter what they looked like. Right, Heidi?

Well, graduation day came. Heidi was sittin' pretty. She had over $51,000 simoleons in the bank. WOW! You say! Well, she had two college mates that threw $1,200 in there every semester, plus she sold a novel for $3,100 simoleons. And dear Remington left her many expensive date gifts. Yes. *ahem*. She had full skills after Sim-Vaccing many Sims on campus, she had money, she had a man who loved her. Heidi had visions of a grand palace with gold guilding on the walls and golden faucets in the bathroom waiting for her back in Other Challenges. Yep, she was gonna live good. Not have to struggle at all. You've come a long way, Baby! Oh yes...she graduated Summa Cum Laude in Political Science; made Secret Society and Big Sim on Campus. Way to go! Nothing will stand in your way now honey!

Well, almost nothing will stand in your way. Yeah. Except for the Player clicking on 'throw graduation party' before you have had a chance to go furniture shopping. That's right. Heidi was so caught up in the moment of finally getting through University and partying, she plain old forgot to buy her furniture. Heidi moved to Other Challenges with a grand total of $5,400 before the $20,000 move in bonus. Yeah. And not a stick of furniture to her name. But she sure looks darn good in that bowling shirt! Looks like Heidi's child will get the money when he/she comes to Uni, thanks to placeholders!

Well, time to move on to Other Challenges, where Heidi will marry Remington and have a child! See you there!

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