Sunday, February 05, 2006

A Quickie Wedding

A Quickie Wedding

Ah. Doesn't the photo entice us to think; Wow, Heidi is doing very well for herself! She is already a Celebrity Chef and Platinum aspiration to boot! Let's see...*whipping out scoring sheet* my gosh..that is two additional points on the ISBI challenge. What? Oh, that is something the Player keeps track of. You see, the Player gets a point Just Because when a new torchbearer takes control. There is one point for each permanent aspirataion, and one point for each top of career. Heidi had contributed 3 points. Yay! So okay....well, let's start at the beginning on Heidi's sorjourn to the town of Other Challenges. We will be able to discern if there are any other opportunities for points on this generation.

So we find Heidi has moved away from LFT and found a home. Well, her meager amount of funds allowed her to buy a small lot and build a small three room home, not counting the microscopic sized bathroom. And the kitchen and living room are actually one room together, so I suppose it is only a two room house. Hey..but she has carpet and wall paper, and a computer too! Way to go! See, there is Heidi's beloved, Remington Traver. Here Heidi has just asked him to move in/get engaged/get married. Hey he was a pushover, took the bait. The Player is resigned to a small house anyway. Why? Well, with Heidi being the Torchbearer, and the only one who knows anything at all (the only controllable Sim) the Player assumes game play is easier with less distance to travel to boss Remington around. The Player however, wishes to make an official complaint here. Remington came with only $1,000 simoleons, and NO JOB. That myth about the downtownies having money and jobs is well....a myth! Heidi realizes she has her work cut out for her.

The lovbirds began setting up their nest. The first thing Heidi did was sign on to the Internet and peruse the listings lookin' for a job as a Celeb Chef. Ok.. what restaurant is sucker enough to bring on a beginning cook with a degree in Political Science? Well apparently somebody was, she got a job the first day. Heidi's LTW was to become a Chef, so the Player decided to indulge her (and the Player also wanted the point for scoring value). However, Heidi did note there was not offerings for Law Enforcement. Why would she want that? You ask?

Remington is a Family Sim. We knew this because of the little Family Sim icon that shows up on the date panel when Heidi and Remington have a date. So, the Player knows that Family Sims roll "Captain Hero" for a career LTW. Of course, we don't know what Remington's LTW is. It could be 'reach golen anniversary' which will happen by itself, or it could be 'have 6 granchildren' or 'graduate 3 kids from college'. So the Player thinks two of these LTW are doable without having a gazillion kids, and without having to actually control Remington, which is really what this ISBI is all about.

We are assuming Remington wants to be a Captain Hero. According to ISBI rules, there is a particular way to get a job. Since Remington married Heidi without a college degree, Heidi helped out Remington and looked in the newspaper every day until Law Enforcement came up. Yay! On the third day, there it was. However, the Player still had to roll the dice. The Player rolled a 4, which meant Remington had to choose the second listing that came up in the paper. Yay! It was the Law Enforcement job! Things are lookin' swell! Remington leaves for work that night as a security gaurd, totally pumped up on aspiration and we are assuming his needs are well met. After all, he takes care of that himself. As you can see in the picture, Remington is thinkin' about woo-hoo. That is how his girl Heidi keeps him motivated to go to work. Family Sims are just as bad about wanting woo-hoo as Romance Sims are. I guess to make sure their DNA gets carried on. So great for Remington!

In the meantime, all that woo-hooing left Heidi with a little present. So now this begs the question to the Player, who really hates to use Nannies. Yep, our girl Heidi will have to hire a nanny since Remington is untouchable. So ok. The Player, who normally crosses fingers to GET twins, now crosses them that there will only be one child. Heidi's middle begins to expand with child, and in the meantime, she and Remington are at it every day keepin' him happy enough to go to work.

OK here is how it is done. Heidi and Remington "Dream Date" every day. They do this about 12 hours before it is time for Remington to go to work. That is the only way Heidi can pump some aspiration into her husband. Really..the Player knows the layout of the Family Sim wants in Remington gets plenty of wants filled. Here it is:

1. Talk (gossip)
2. Clean joke
3. Pillow Fight
4. Dance
5. Flirt
6. Kiss
7. Makeout
8. Woo-hoo.

Now then, at this point Heidi and Remington are ready to sleep. After waking up, there is another kiss, another makeout, then the date ends. Heidi gets up approximately 3 hours before Remington's ride for work comes. Gets him up by turning on the radio. She does the huggy body kissy face to him, ends the date. Wa-Lah! Remington is in platinum and is ready to take care of any lingering needs before the ride to work comes. Yay! So. That is how to keep a Family Sim happy without seeing what his wants are.

Wow go YOU, REMINGTON! Here he is announcing to the 'hood that he has just been promoted to Detective. Wow! That is level 6 in the Law Enforcement field! And all this being done without seeing what his wants/needs are, and without the incredible Noodlesoother!

OK. You might be asking yourself, how does the Player know Remington has all his skills to advance in his job? Welp, the Player don't. The Player does know that Remington is maxed out on his body skills because after Heidi became a Celeb Chef, she went into the Military to get the obstacle course. When she tried to give Remington some training on it, the option wasn't there. Yay! The Player does know that Remington needs some cleaning skill. So is where the Player did bend the rules ever so slightly. The Player knew that Remington had advanced enough to give him the career reward of the scanner gun. The Player carefully covered the screen where she would be able to see anything at all about Remington, and clicked through to the rewards panel and snatched it out. Yep..oh well..if that is the worse thing the Player does in this challenge then, that ain't bad, really.

Heidi so far as helped train Remington several points in cleaning. But he still needs more. As for the logic skills Remington needs, Heidi plays chess with him. Let's make a note here. The Player remembers how Jeff at Idiots Among Me had an addiction to the game. Well, Heidi helped the Player out has figured out that she can get Remington to stop painting or playing chess by offering a flirt.

That wraps up Remington for this entry. Let's take a look at little Harry. Yes, the bundle of joy has arrived and Heidi and Remington have a delightful son. Harry looks real excited, doesn't he? He has his mom's custom eyes, but that is about it. I guess Harry got a bang on the head whilst being taken care of by the nanny, by the dazed look he has on his face. Incredibly, Harry was all potty trained, walked trained and talk trained! Yes! Heidi found out that if she made the smart milk and left it on the floor little Harry would eventually get hungry and drink it. Then she would dive in and do any type of training the little tyke needed. If the kid followed her around whining for attention, she could just tickle and talk to him once, then he was happy to play with toys until Heidi figured he might be sleepy. But being a Family Sim, Remington was usually quick on the draw to get Harry to bed. That worked out real fine. And, there was only two potty accidents once Harry became trained. Not bad. All toddlers have accidents, don't they? Heidi had to take away the Rabbit Head from Harry, because that is all he wanted to do. Once she did that, he would choose the logic or music toy. It will be interesting once Harry becomes the Torchbearer to see how much Charisma he has.

Doesn't Heidi look blissfully happy? Remington is a nice clean Sim, always wiping down the counters and scrubbing the toilet after a long hard day at the precinct. Apparently, Harry is the same way. He makes his mom and dad's bed every morning before going to school. Heidi has already had little Harry out to the obstical course and the chocoloate making machine and gotten him some skills to start with in life. The Player notes that Heidi trained Remington in cooking skills before his job in Law Enforcement came up so he could cook for himself. She doesn't know how many skills he has, but that last one was a long time in coming. It must be level 7 or 8 at least . That was enough, being that he doesn't need it for his job. Here is where we are going to stop for this week.

STATS: Top of Career: Heidi met Celeb Chef, and is currently and Astronaut in the Military. Remington is a Detective in Law Enfocement. The Player is going to work Heidi thru as many jobs as possible before the torch is passed to Harry.

Total points thus far: A whopping 3. :) See you on February 19th, when the next installment will be posted!


Bubbs said...

Lol - great start! I see you did what I did with smart milk, it worked some of the time, lol. Can't wait to see how it goes.

Catootje73 said...

Wow, interesting family to read about. Harry looks OK. I am curious how you will continue with Heidi and the others.

I think I could never do this challenge, I'm too much of a micromanager ;-)

ASimWen said...

Actually this challenge is a micro-manager's dream! You keep track of what everyone else is doing in the house so you can intervene and sway them to change course when need be. I love this style of play.

Rachel said...

Great start! I haven't actually read the rules to this one, but it seems interesting and pretty hard. Perhaps someday I try to.

Shaunna said...

A little over a year later I find this. I am actually attempting it at the moment as a side project and will be blogging soon. I am so glad to have stumbled onto this. Lots of great tips already!

Nice work...I can't imagine it will be easy.