Saturday, February 04, 2006

Readin' The Rules

Well, here we are. I am just readin' the rules right now for the I'm Surrounded By Idiots Challenge. hmmm...sound ominous doesn't it?

OK...I play TS2, aka TheSims2. I do lots of challenges. I am only getting into blogging them, to show fellow Simmers my progress, maybe to brag a little. :) I am currently working on Prosperity Falls. However, I have been doing that challenge for almost a year, and it is time for a break. Need to do something that doesn't hinge on having babies and carrying on the generations. ISBI sounds like a lot of fun. I found it right here at Blogger. If you wanna read the rules, you can right here.

Hey, if you are doing the challenge as well....leave me a note. We'll compare. :) goes. I'm gonna start. Really. - ASimWen

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