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Generation 3 - Hermione - The Finish

Title: Generation 3 - Hermione - The Finish

Ah. Here we are again. It looks like Hermione Howdyschell has arrived in one piece at Acadamie La Tour. Oh, who is that arriving with her? Why, it's none other than Ruby Widow, sister to Jake, Alexander and Cassandra Widow. Why, pray tell, does the player decide to pull Ruby from the Sim Bin and waste time playing her? Well, because Ruby Widow is maxed out on skills. Harry Howdyschell was unable to stuff many skills into poor Hermione's head because he was spending so much time trying to get Autumn promoted to Celebrity Chef. Yep, you got it. Hermione will follow in the footsteps of her grandma Heidi and her daddy Harry and use the SimVac to gain most of her skills. But, she will develop other skills whilst at University.

Hermione didn't go husband hunting until around the beginning of her Junior year. She spent most of her freshman and sophomore years making friends via the telephone. Being that Harry was unable to make many because of getting booted out of University during his freshman year, there wasn't much in the way of friendships for Hermione to use to gain her job promotions. Her LTW is to make $100,000, so she will definetly need the friendships to keep switching jobs to get the bonuses needed to reach $100,000.

On her first trip out of the dorm to find a man, she found Vasyl Barrett at the sculpture park. OH look! Her mother Autumn is there as well sitting at the table behind Vasyl. It is karma.

It didn't take long for Hermione and Vasyl to fall in love. He is a fortune Sim too. True to a fortune Sim, Vasyl takes a good long look at that rock before accepting Hermione's proposal. Is it a real diamond? OK great. Hermione is maxed out on skills, has her man...all she has to do is hang a while and wait for graduation.

Oh wait! Who is that kissing Hermione's skills benefactor Ruby? Why, it is none other then her Uncle Harvey. Remember Harvey, Harry's baby brother? Yeah. When Hermione moved into the dorm, there was Harvey, also a freshman. Woah. Hadn't aged a day. The Player figures to play him too! Hey, he would make a great mate for Ruby. Yeah!

Harvey grew up to be an odd sort of looking fellow. He has his mother Heidi's eyes, and his dad Remington's droopy mouth. Oh well, anyway, let us move on. Hermione's college days were pretty boring. But there was one thing that she managed to do whilst she was here, besides graduating Summa Cum Laude, making 20 best friends, and getting a brilliant fiancee.

She smartly wrote a best selling novel. And........

She learned how to build robots! Ah well, good for her. Well, graduation day came for the kids. Hermione spent all the dorm money in sculptures and other high dollar items and stuffed them into her backpack. Didn't want Ruby and Harvey getting any of the booty and taking it back to the hood. Yeah.

Both of the Howdyschell kids grew up, and went back to town. So did Ruby. As far as Harvey and Ruby go...they moved in to a tidy little house, got married, and now Ruby is knocked up. Left 'em there. They are happy, and oblivious to the goings on at the main Howdyschell house. Wait 'till you see. Fast forward to the Hood.

As is customary and required in the ISBI program, all participants must get married as soon as graduating from college. Hermione didn't waste any time and invited Vasyl over, he moved right in bringing $4,000 with him. As you can see, he had a want to marry a rich Sim. And rich, Hermione is. Vasyl might not have brought much cash with him, but he brought a big job. Vasyl is a Hall of Famer! Of course, the player doesn't know what his LTW is. And the player thought the smart thing to do would be to have Vasyl get a different job, so Hermione could help him work his way up to the top....and get that all important ISBI point. POOR DECISION. Turns out, the Player realizes Vasyl has little or no skills. It was like starting at the beginning. Oh well. Vasyl gets a job in the military.

Now, Hermione immediately starts trying for jobs on the computer, and trys for the jobs that pay high, for college grads. Have to get those big bonuses. Right off the bat, she gets a job in the Art world. Good for her. Her first night home, her mother Autumn finally gets promoted to Celebrity Chef. Good deal!

When Autumn went to work that day, she had low needs, so this promotion was a complete mystery to the Player. How did this happen? Oh well who knows? She took it, and the ISBI point! That meant the Player could officially forget about Harry and Autumn, period. Concentrate on keeping Hermione and Vasyl happy and healthy to carry on the next generation of Howdyschells. Great. So, Hermione is settled into a high paying college job, Vasyl is slaving in the military. Time to start havin' babies.

Meet Harley. And soon after Harley....

Meet Heloise. Being that the torchbearer is a female this round, the Player felt comfortable havin' more than one kid. You know, one heir, and one to spare. Just in case. You never know what will happen.....

Hermione gets her gold badge in robot making. That means she could make Jeeves, the servo. The Player thought that Jeeves would come in handy to keep things straightened up and in order when she was at work. WRONG. Since Jeeves could not be controlled, Hermione ended up turning him off and parking him outside. He complained too much about not havin' any fun and was more work and time than he was worth. So. What about all these other bots around the house? Hermione had two hydro bots outside to keep the flowers watered, and two cleaning bots, one outside and one inside. They came in pretty handy. Of course, they had a penchant for breaking down. Alot. And it seemed like they always did it when she wasn't home.

Yeah. Hermione comes home to a land mine field of trash piles. Good old cleaning bot had gone crazy. Of course, he went crazy while trying to clean up after hydro bot......

By now Harley and Heloise are kids. Of course....they didn't do anything about it when they got home from school. Hey, watchin' TV and dancing to the boombox was the order of the day for them. Grandpappy Harry was sleepin', Daddy Vasyl was sleepin', and Granny Autumn was at work. Well, when Granny Autumn got home, she lowered the boom on EVERYBODY.

Once she joined Hermione in cleaning, Harley joined them. But, Heloise and the rest of them stayed in the house watching TV. So be it. Well, that was the excitement for Hermione's reign. Out of control bots. By now, Harley and Heloise are growing up without much fanfare, and Granny and Grandaddy die off.

Death Stats:

Her death benefitted 6 people.
Heloise - $708
Harry - $10,000
Hermione - $4,800
Vasyl - $500
Harley - $552

His death benefitted 11 people
Hermione - $9,100
Heloise - $2,125
Harley - $425
His friend Wendie - $290
and his friend Vince - $310

Looks like Harry and Autumn got along much better being 'out of control' then Heidi and Remington did. If you will recall, there was very little money for Heidi when Ol' Rem passed away. Yeah....Harry and Autumn continued to spread the love.

Hey, looks like Hermione is off to work as an Ecological Guru. Yep, she finished the the Art World job, and got this one in the Natural Sciences field. All together, Hermione got to work in five fields. She was Visionary, a Guru, a Cult Leader, a Mayor, and a Celebrity Chef during her reign. As you can see, she is worrying about the robots here. She wonders if they will go wacko again while she is at work.

Well, Harley and Heloise grow up to teens. Harley rolls Fortune like his mom and dad, and the Player breathes a sigh of relief. So easy to keep happy! On the other hand, Heloise rolls Romance. Nope, definetly not gonna be the heir.

Ah. Looks like Heloise inherited her Great-Grandma's hair. That is the same hair Heidi had. When Heloise ages to YA, she will have two ponytails in the back, instead of one. Are you kind of noticing, everybody is fat except Hermione? That is because the MunchieBot keeps bringing Chinese food. Rarely does he bring a pizza. Heloise and Harley were fat as kids. Anyway.

So okay. Hermione is three days from elder now, and the Player is expecting to see the birthday notice for Harley at any time. To pass the torch, you know. Then it happens. Vasyl goes off to work, Harley and Heloise go to school. Hermione decides to use this time to call all her friends for a final good-bye...the torch will be passing jack up those frindship points. Well, the Player zooms in on her, helps her dail the phone. One by one. Doesn't pay attention to what is going on outside......

Yep. Cleaningbot goes crazy, cleaning up after the broken Hydrobot. The kids come home from school and Harley crashes in bed. Had a hard day. The Player sees the mess, and sends Hermione outside to influence passer-by Sophie Miguel to clean up, and queues Hermione to get Heloise to help as well. The Player zooms in on Heloise, to make sure Hermione makes it and tells her to clean up. Whoops! What happened???? Hermione disappears from the playable character list, and Heloise is now selected....Heloise runs outside.......

GAD!!!! Death By Flies. Heloise puts on a big show of crying. Well, the ISBI challenge is officially over, as the torchbearer had died. But, the Player keeps on just to see how mean the flies are.

Vasyl comes home, and being the dutifull husband he is, begins to clean up the ashes of his dead wife. Vasyl walk around the back of the house with his dustpan full of ashes..... taking the long way, by the way, to the trash can.

The Mean Flies get him too. At this point, the Player doesn't have the heart....she wakes up Harley and tells him to power up the long dormant Jeeves to help clean up the mess. Also queues up Heloise to power up Jeeves. Maybe one of them will make it.

And this is where we leave the Howdyschells. Crying, stinking, and cleaning. And parentless. Oh what a putrid attempt this was at a challenge! OH my! Okey dokey. Let's score this thang.

Torch Holders = 3

Perm Plats = 3

Shrink Visits = 1

Accidental Deaths = 2

Top Of Career = 16

$100,000 = 5

That is ummm....... 30.

Didn't really understand the Tombstones vs. Total Death count points, so that isn't inlcuded. Being that the Player didn't get to finish the challenge, well, I guess that makes her less than the lowest rank of Amateur. GAD!!!! CLUELESS!!!!! Here is a hint. Don't use the robots in the challenge if you have Open For Business.

The Howdyschells


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SpongebobTanu said...

great story! i love the OFB integration...except the part with the beserk robots and the trash and the flies...

Anonymous said...

Aw, so sad!! :( That's too bad. But, the end of a challenge is the end of a challenge. I wish the Howdyschells well. Thanks for your great commentary!

Catootje73 said...

It is sad the challenge ended in this way, but it makes for an interesting story. I haven't really tried the bots so far and now I'm hesitant to do so.

Daedreem said...

Another possibility, Include the bots... but always turn them off after work.

cool story.. I'm not sureI'll ever have the guts to try that challenge... I guess I'm too controlling. LOL

Twoyys said...

Aww.. it was such a shame, the Howdyschells were going great guns! I was going to use the 'bots, but I think now I'll pass!

DylanTK said...

Oh my! You poor thing... What devastating luck! *stifles laughter* Nonetheless, I really enjoyed your short-lived ISBI legacy. Did you not have anyone with an unused command chance? Or were you simply too stunned to have anyone plead for her life? They're technically not dead until the tombstone pops up.

ASimWen said...

You are correct...I was stunned....I never had an accidental death by flies before. They were always staged. So I let it go...according to the rules if the torchbearer is over.